Company Profile

Company name FTF INC.
Head Office #101, 1-4-9 Shoto
Shibuya, Tokyo
Founded June, 1994
Established June, 2001
Capital JPY 37,000,000
business registration # 8020002100185
Service Importing and Exporting old/used records,cds,books and accessories, Retail sale, Wholesale,Overseas e-commerce transactions
CEO Shinichi Takei
Employees 25
Financial Institution Johnan Shinkin Bank
Account settlement date June 1 to May 31
Phone number 81-3-6407-1989
Fax number 81-3-6407-8306
Business hours 11:00-20:00
Worldwide Network FTF USA INC.
Corporate History
Jun 1994 Started selling second hand vinyl records by mail order service “Face Records” at Yokohama.
Jun 1996 Moved to Shibuya,Tokyo and opened store “Face Records”
Jun 2001 Registered “Face to face,” as a corporation
Sep 2001 Moved “Face Records” to new place
Aug 2007 Opened online shop “”.
Sep 2009 Opened Mobile online shop “facerecords mobile store”.
Sep 2011 Moved “Face Records” to current address
Mar 2016 Opened new record shop “General Record Store” at Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
Nov 2016 Changed comapny name to “FTF INC.”
Mar 2017 Opend oganic food store “Umihiko Yamahiko” Inherit by assignment in Kunitachi,Tokyo
Jun 2017 Registered “FTF USA INC” as a corporation in NY,USA
In 1994, Facetoface Ltd. started its business of selling music records, CDs, audio equipment, and music magazines and books, and importing new and old records and CDs from the United States, Europe, and Central and South America, with two retail stores: Face Record Store Shibuya and General Record Store Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Besides the above business, the company has also conducted the management of ecostore records (old/used records); overseas e-commerce transactions; relic assessment; purchases and sales of antique furniture, goods, and artwork; creation of design works; planning and creation of web and e-commerce sites; translations into English; and sales of clothing.